The Origin Institue

a center of excellence for assisting countries and firms with understanding and managing rules of origin

The Origin Institute, a not-for-profit Corporation incorporated pursuant to the Canada Corporations Act dedicated to rules of origin capacity building in the public and the private sectors.

“There is a continuous, global explosion of regional and bi-lateral free trade agreements – in fact, it was recently reported that Mongolia is the only WTO member not involved in any form of preferential trade agreement.

These developments have left many origin stakeholders grappling with complex and often competing rules of origin. The Origin Institute has been specifically designed to supply origin related technical assistance to these parties including: government authorities, customs departments, international financial institutions, origin certification entities, regional development banks and trade associations.”

Mission Statement

1. To develop, promote and disseminate knowledge and information regarding the understanding of origin rules in international trade by:

(a) actively conducting educational sessions, including international regional and local events; (b) developing and maintaining an information web site; (c) developing, printing and publishing and distribution relevant publications and papers;

2. To provide technical expertise in the area of origin

3. To promote the legislation and policies that promote accessibility by participating in International events to promote origin related discussions

4. To serve as a medium for deliberation, for exchange of ideas, knowledge, by organizing and hosting international and regional conferences, seminars , meetings and gathering of individuals concerned with furthering the knowledge and understanding and implementation of accessibility of origin issues.

5. To undertake projections to support the objectives of the Origin Institute.

6. To promote sharing of information by conducting educational sessions, developing and delivering curriculum for training programs.

7. To participate in international events to promote activities within the mission of the Origin Institute.

8. To conduct research and participate in development of accessibility related standards.

9. To communicate and carryout the Mission Statement of the organization generally through public education programs and relevant activities, based on unbiased research , for which funds will be raised, for this and the other Objects.

10. Other ancillary and incidental activities.